Half Done Drowning

Some would argue that the time for cyberpunk is long past, that the present has caught up with the future in every meaningful way, leaving cyberpunk as this strange, vestigial genre clinging to the edges of science fiction and crime genres. Even Neal Stephenson summarily executed the genre before taking a hard U-turn into post-victorian nano clockwork punk in The Diamond Age. Richard K. Morgan … Continue reading Half Done Drowning

The Hurricane Approaches

I’m about 120 pages into A Cold Day to Drown and this might be my best story yet. That’s not to say that the first draft is any good. The exact manifestations of Talbot’s anxiety disorder have transformed radically three times. A scene I had planned for months feels completely wooden and will need to be almost completely re-written in the next draft, while two scenes … Continue reading The Hurricane Approaches

Introducing Dyson’s Angel

What would happen if our world was destroyed, fractured into a thousand fragments and scattered across the solar system like bits of a shattered toy? That apocalypse is where Dyson’s Angel begins. Over a thousand years before the book opens, probably about two centuries after the time you are reading this, some unknown force entered the solar system and utterly consumed all of the planets. … Continue reading Introducing Dyson’s Angel

A Cold Day to Drown – Inspiration

It all started with a title, a pseudonym, and a photograph. I’ve been toying with the idea of adopting a pseudonym for several years. As an English/Language Arts teacher at a public middle school, I get Googled frequently and for a few years I was growing weary of deflecting questions from students about my writing. One evening, while troweling through Behind the Name for character names and … Continue reading A Cold Day to Drown – Inspiration